Editorial Board


Anabella B. Tulin Ph.D.

Soil Chemistry and Plant Nutrition

Department of Soil Science

Associate Editors


Rotacio S. Gravoso Ph.D.

Learning Science and Curriculum Development

Department of Development Communication

 Ivy Emnace Ph.D.

Food Microbiology and Product Development

Department of Food Science and Technology

Fe M. Gabunada Ph.D.

Agricultural Economics

Ecological Farm and Resource Management Institute

Suzette B. Lina Ph.D.

Soil Biofortification and Soil Management

Department of Soil Science

Lucia M. Borines Ph.D.

Plant Pathology

Department of Pest Management

Marlito Jose Bande Ph.D.

Agroecology and Natural Resource Management

Institute of Tropical Ecology and Environmental Management

Managing Editor

Jedess N. Solomon M.Sc.

Applied Anthropology

Department of Development Communication

Editorial Board

Lemuel D. Diamante Ph.D.

Food Engineering

University of Otago

Ian A. Navarrete Ph.D.

Environmental Soil Science

Ateneo de Manila University

Lawrence D. Liao Ph.D.

Marine Biology

Hiroshima University

Beatriz S. Belonias Ph.D.

Systematic Botany and Ecology

Victor B. Asio Ph.D.

Soil Science & Geoecology

Felix M. Salas Ph.D.

Environmental Chemistry

Candelario Calibo Ph.D.


Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry

Milagros M. Bales Ph.D.

Agricultural Extension and Education

Moises Neil V. Sereño Ph.D.

Econometrics and Development Economics

Department of Economics

Deejay M. Lumanao Ph.D.

Department of Soil Science

Romel Armecin Ph.D.

Soil Science, Nutrient Management and Plant Nutrition

Farm Resource and Management Institute



Edgardo E. Tulin Ph.D.

Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Language Editor

Annie Gravoso Ph.D.


Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Editorial Assistant

Rhea Jenny Ogalesco M.Sc.

Office of the Graduate School


Mr. Mark Joshua S. Quevedo M.Sc.

Office of the Graduate School